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Smoke Damage

A fire loss can result in significant damages because of the unique behavior of smoke. A trained professional from Texas Public Adjusters will survey the loss site to determine the extent to which fire, smoke, heat, and moisture impact building materials and contents.

Wind Damage

High winds are a primary cause of hurricane-inflicted loss of life and property damage. Another cause is the flooding resulting from the coastal storm surge of the ocean and the torrential rains, both of which accompany the storm. We can help you get the claim you are entitled to in Texas.

Water Damage

When water damage occurs, time is of the essence and it is important that you locate a company in Texas that is well-trained and has the equipment to completely dry your property as quickly as possible in order to reduce or eliminate structural damage or mold growth.

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Adjuster Texas Services License # 1536878

What is a Texas Public Adjuster? Adjuster Texas has Public Adjusters in Texas that are licensed adjusters who work for the homeowner. We represent the homeowner's interest and work very hard to get the highest settlement possible by including as many details and accurate pricing as possible. You may have already settled and need a Texas Public Adjuster to professional review to look for items under-priced or left out all together of your settlement. You may have just had a claim and want a professional on your side during the entire claim process. Call me for a free consultation.

Who usually uses Texas Public Adjusters? Since settlements are sometimes as much as 42% higher, as a recent study indicated, when a Texas Public Adjuster is involved, almost everyone who has a property insurance claim can benefit from our services. The Insurance company has inside adjusters, outside adjusters, claims handlers, attorneys, weathermen, accountants, auditors and many others to keep the claim as small as possible. I have over 10 years experience in helping homeowners repair the damage caused by fire, smoke, water, mold and other insurance claims.

Do Texas Public Adjusters also work for the Insurance Company? No, we are employed exclusively by a policyholder to advocate for them only and have absolutely no affiliation with insurance companies. A typical insurance policy contains hundreds of provisions and stipulations, constantly changing forms and endorsements. As Texas Public Adjusters, we know the insurance business and are familiar with all the procedures so we can work quickly to expedite payments.

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5 Ways to collect more than your Policy Limits on your Homeowner's Insurance Claim

  1. If your loss exceeds the policy limits, then you add your deductible back.
  2. The amount paid for Debris Removal is over and above the Policy Limits.
  3. The Landscaping repair/replacement is over and above the Policy Limits.
  4. Any Temporary Repairs made are over and above the Policy Limits.
  5. Any Item categorized as "Claims Expenses" are over and above the Limits.

The policy provisions control all payments. Each policy is different. Please contact me to discuss the details of your claim and your policy. Do not settle for what the insurance company offers without checking with a professional. Anytime there is thousands on the table and one side is a professional, and the other side is the homeowner, it doesn't take a brain surgeon to tell who will come out on top, every time.